Who Can File a Cervical Cancer Misdiagnosis Lawsuit?

National cervical cancer attorneys provide information on who qualifies to file a pap smear lawsuit for misdiagnosed cervical cancer

Who Can File a Cervical Cancer Misdiagnosis Lawsuit

Women who have been diagnosed with cervical cancer may have a misread pap smear in their medical history. Pap smear tests allow physicians to detect precancerous cervical cells before they pose a risk, through relatively simple procedures. Most cervical cancers develop slowly, over the course of years, and women who follow the recommended pap smear testing regime believe they are safe from risk. However, critics say new efficiencies in pap smear test analysis leave the door open to cervical cancer. When precancerous cells are overlooked, a false negative result is produced for a pap smear. Depending on their age and pap smear result history, another test will not be conducted for 2-5 years. If precancerous cells are overlooked, there is ample time for the cells to morph into cancer. When a woman is diagnosed with cervical cancer with no prior history of an abnormal pap result, it is likely one or more previous pap smears were misread.

Persons who have suffered as a result of misdiagnosed cervical cancer are seeking clarification regarding qualifications required to participate in a misread pap smear lawsuit. Our law firm provides free, no-obligation, and confidential consultations to women and family members of women believed to have developed cervical cancer following a misdiagnosis or misread pap smear. This section contains information on the basic qualifications for pap smear lawsuits for cervical cancer. In general, these are factors that are considered in assessing each cervical cancer misdiagnosis lawsuit claim:

For women and family members of women who meet these qualifications, it is likely you will be eligible to file a cervical cancer lawsuit related to a misread pap smear. There are multiple reasons to file a claim. First, pap smear lawyers believe individuals who have suffered from cervical cancer as a result of misdiagnosis may be eligible for compensation for medical expenses, pain, suffering, and loss associated with exposure. More meaningful than that to some is the opportunity to hold a companies accountable for patient safety and dishonest business practices. Critics say efficiencies in pap smear analysis may be the cause of an increasing number of misread pap tests, putting millions of women at risk for cervical cancer at no fault of their own.

Attorneys offering free, no obligation pap smear lawsuit case review for misdiagnosed cervical cancer are available to speak with you and your family about your circumstances. To learn more about filing a lawsuit, please fill out the simple form on this page.

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